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Post December 11, 2018

In a recent post at WUWT, Dr. David Wojick claims: “…this “climate summit” is just a semantic smokescreen. These folks areGlobal warming will cause tragedy from The Independent Newspaper on 6th of June 1989 designing a New World Order. The primary focus is how the world will be changed and who is going to pay for it – and who is going to be in charge.”

This tendency is not new. Newspaper articles as old as 30 years indicate this direction already. A small selection is here reproduced. Before providing a few excerpts from Dr. David Wojick’s text, it is helpful to read a brief summary on the Climate Change Conference (COP 24) in Poland by Craig Rucker at WUWT  (Dec.10) as it follows:  

Sea change the may point to global warmingSome 30,000 politicians, activists, computer modelers, bureaucrats, lawyers, journalists, renewable energy sellers and a few scientists are in Katowice, Poland December 2-14, for another Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change conference. Four issues will dominate the agenda.

* Proclaim that humanity and planet face existential cataclysms, unless fossil fuel use and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are slashed to zero by 2050 – to “prevent” average planetary temperatures from rising more than 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 F) above what they were in 1820, when the Little Ice Age ended and the modern industrial era began.

* Finalize 300 pages of “guidelines,” to implement the Paris climate agreement – by driving the switch from coal, oil and natural gas to wind, solar and biofuel energy.

* Reach a binding agreement that wealthy countries (excluding China and other newly rich nations) must Wold's action to fight global warmingtransfer at least $100 billion annually to poor countries.

* Ensure “transparency” on discussions, disclosures and treaty compliance.

Dr. David Wojick starts his critics that a Conference Glossary is silent on the meaning of the terms: climate and climate change, although 34 other word are addressed. He is right, but should know and communicate, that science has never come up with a reasonable climate definition at all. But that is another issue – discussed HERE.

Climate changes could create huge refugee problemHere are a few more excerpts:

___ In fact, the largest group of terms includes those that refer to the various political alliances at the New World Order design table. There are twelve such groups, plus the term “negotiating group” itself. These are groups of countries that feel they share enough of a common interest to team up. Thus a full 41% of the technical terms refer to interest groups.

___ The largest negotiating group by far is called the G77 + China. … …….These are the countries that stand to benefit immensely from the new world order, because its central Patten sees role for UN as guardian of world environmentfeature is enormous, never-ending payments from the so-called developed countries to the developing countries.

___ The next largest language group comprises five wealth transfer terms. The definition specifically says that this is “a central element” of the New World Order (which it calls “international cooperation,” which presumably alludes to the “international community” and “civil society”). One of these terms is “climate finance.”

Green legislation brings promise of financial bonanza___ In short, what is on the table at Katowice is moving toward a New World Order, in the name of dealing with supposedly human caused climate change. One of the central elements is a vast wealth transfer from the developed countries like the USA to the developing countries. Another is the reduction or elimination of national sovereignty, in favor of control and decision-making by the United Nations, international community, “negotiating groups” and New World Order.

After one week COP24 deep divisions hang over the final negotiations. A prickly issue is climate finance. Poorer countries affected by global warming want at least the $100 billion a year beyond 2020 promised by wealthy countries and for the cash to be sent on a predictable schedule. Payer countries aren’t keen on tying themselves to strict reporting rules and opening their books.

David Wojick seems right when he assess that the technical language of the Katowice climate summit is actually very revealing. It is all about changing the world order.





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