Al Gore and WE

“Moving Beyond Kyoto”, The New York Times, July 1, 2007 1

“We – the human species – have arrived at a moment of decision.”

“What is at risk of being destroyed is not our planet itself, but the conditions that have made it hospitable for human beings”.

“We – all of us – now face a universal threat. Though it is not from outside this world, it is nevertheless cosmic in scale.”

With these empathetic words Al Gore claims, that this is not a political but a moral issue that affects the survival of human civilisation, in a recent article in The New York Times1.

Should WE – all of us – be happy that Al Gore not only makes ‘Live Earth’ concerts available around the globe, but also demands the rapid conclusion of a tougher climate change pact, to reduce carbon emission, as it appears to him, that there is, after all, a planetary emergency; or

Should WE – all of us – be on high alert when being advised by someone who seems to care little for historical context when saying:

“Just in the last few months, new studies have shown that the north pole ice cap – which helps the planet cool itself – is melting nearly three times faster than the most pessimistic computer models predicted” 1;

Such claim is imprudent, superficial and grossly misleading as long as the dramatic arctic warming at Spitsbergen from 1918 to 1940 is ignored and not sufficiently explained.

WE – all of us – should be very reserved, if a well-documented climatic event only 90 years ago has neither been thoroughly investigated nor reasonably explained until now.

(see on this site: Chapter D – 20th Century Climate)

WE – all of us – and Al Gore should ask 2:


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