The broad lack of differentiation prevent useful results

Posted: March 14, 2019

Sea surface data have fascinated science since long. Sea going vessels were requested to collect water temperature around the The climatic evolution 1940+Harmless to climate?world frequently, often once on each watch. But what are they worth today if the method of measurements changed several times, and the type of ships and the sample taking seaman varied on a daily basis. There are many other variations, for example the sea surface conditions by wind and height of waves. While that inherits uncertainty, any attempt to adjust them unison will improve little if anything.  

Western Europe mild winter temperatures – Dec/Jan/Feb.  2018/19

Posting February 28, 2019

The unusual winter conditions can be easily attributed the North Atlantic and adjacent seas in Norther Europe. One low air Land and Ocean Temperature Departure from Average January 2019pressure is followed by the next follows. They chase each other and push Siberian high pressure the cold air eastwards the Ural Mountains. Is this constellation that North America fell prey to extreme cold and snowy winter condition? By the end of January the US Midwest was paralyzed by winter freeze colder than Antarctica. Has the unhindered move of Atlantic cyclones across Europe eastward contributed?

It seems high

Weather ‘blocked’ by North Sea offshore wind farms and shipping?

Posting February 16, 2019

In Northern Europe winter hasn’t shown up. The current status is shown in a number of Figures. The situation is far away Anomaly from 3th to 9th of February, 2019from usual. Current February is several degrees above ling time average. Will it go on this way, or will harsh winter conditions emerge in spring? Presumably only few meteorologists will try to make conclusive forecast on Europe’s weather in forthcoming March, April and May. Their computer models rely on statistics. Rarely do they included two factor influencing Northern Europe’s winter conditions, namely the influence

The Arctic screamed since winter 1918/19, warming the
Northern Hemisphere for two Decades

The shown figures indicate clearly that it started in the Europe-Arctic section!

Posting January 27, 2019, by Arnd Bernaerts

One cannot support enough any attempt for a better understanding of the Early Twentieth Century Warming (ETCW), the most pronounced warming in the historical global climate record prior to the recent warming. At beginning of World War Second Early Twentieh Century Warming ETCW and the Arctic warming in the 1920s and 1930s(WWII), the Northern Hemisphere was very warm, particularly to regional anomalies like the Arctic warming in the 1920s and 1930s. Until now the attention to these two decades has been

Caused reduced air moisture extreme weather condition?

Posting: January 21, 2019

Cold winter spells in the U.S.A. and Canada are very common. This year it lasted a while, but last weekend’s snowfall could Mean Temperature - January 1940 in Fahrenheit Degreeshave been the coldest snowstorm in Montreal in a century [weather service]. On Sunday, temperatures dropped below -15 degrees (5 F) and snowfall was expected to exceed 25 cm (almost a foot). This Week (21-26. Jan) winter storm Indra will track across the nation’s northern tier, spreading snow and ice from the West to the Midwest and Northeast [].

While meteorology will manage to run

The sun, the oceans and maritime activities matter on air warming

Posting: January 12, 2019

The pervious posting was about facts and ignorance. Now it seems prudent to take on another article published by The New Times: Ocean Warming Is Accelerating Faster Than Thought, New Research Finds.(restrict access) by Kendra Pierre-Louis. It is a very solid EUROPE - Sea surface temperature anomaly for period 1870-2006work, and in any way a fine journalistic account. What can a writer do more than summarize what climate science publish and believe in. But if one considers the dimension of basic factors involved on ocean warming matters, sciences seem so far

About Right and Fake Facts and About Ignorance

Post: December 29, 2018 (Amended: CONCLUSION 30 December )

The New York Times editorial board says that President Donald Trump is literally endangering the entire planet with his Naval Battle Lifts Tempo of the Warrolling back of the Obama administration’s climate agenda. Eight decades ago the German Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler, endangered the entire planet with a huge military machinery, by starting World War II on September 01, 1939.  Only three months later, since early December 1939, weather in Europe started to run amok, resulting in the coldest winter across the continent since the 20th Century, in

Not so much difference to the discussion 30 years ago

Post December 11, 2018

In a recent post at WUWT, Dr. David Wojick claims: “…this “climate summit” is just a semantic smokescreen. These folks areGlobal warming will cause tragedy from The Independent Newspaper on 6th of June 1989 designing a New World Order. The primary focus is how the world will be changed and who is going to pay for it – and who is going to be in charge.”

This tendency is not new. Newspaper articles as old as 30 years indicate this direction already. A small selection is here reproduced. Before providing a few excerpts from Dr. David Wojick’s text,

A dramatic climate shift after WWI still not understood

Post 11th November, 2018An omnious climate discovery

The ocean is still a widely uncharted terrain. Too big and too complex is the ocean to assess it in depth.  Now a recent paper by Laure Resplandy and colleagues claims that ocean temperatures are far more up than expected. The essay, published by NATURE received immediately wide attention, from many quarters quite critical, for example HERE.  Yesterday the issue was discussed by Kendra Pierre-Louis in the NYT (Int. Ed.; Nov/09/2018) – Fig. 1. [NYT online Oct.31]  One can only wonder how ocean matters are

IPCC tricks with terminology

Post: 01 November 2018

Any reasonable academic would agree that unequivocal terminology matters. The Intergovernmental   Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) seems no exception as their 55 pages long Glossary (IPCC SR1.5- 2019) If you wish to converse with me, define your termscovers several hundred explanations, the equivalent of the American Meteorology Society (AMS) covers more than 10’000 terms.

But if it comes to the central terms in the climate change debate, Climate & Global Warming, the terminology is a shame. The former subject is a lasting story since the debate started in the 1970/80s, the warming issues has a shorter history and substantially changed very