Man stopped global warming with naval war in winter 1939/40

This site acknowledges the fact of global warming without any reservations. This site assumes as ‘official’, the last winter 2006/07 will be remembered in Europe as a ‘winter without a winter’. Four degree Celsius above average is remarkable. (FN.1) However, this site is very unhappy on how IPCC, Al Gore, and others process climatic matters.

The same situation was there only few generations ago. The late years of the 1930th decade had been the warmest for several hundred years (see graph ‘Northern Hemisphere’). The warmest autumns covering the last 507 years were in 1938, 1772, 2000 and 2006. (FN.2) The subsequent autumn/winter of 1938/39 was due to follow the trend. Instead winter 1939/40 became the coldest winter in Europe north of the Alps for more than 100 years. Why? North- and Baltic Sea had become a naval battleground. 1000 naval vessels ploughed the waters day and night. Millions of small and big explosives swirled the water about. The autumn warm seawater, serving Europe like a central heating, was quickly squeezed out. It rained ‘cats and dogs’ along the battle line between France and Germany from September to November 1939. The general wind direction changed from SW’ to NE. Atlantic depressions were barred to cross the continent, as demonstrated by the weather map of December 7th, 1939. The Neue Zürcher Zeitung observed this already in January 1940, which is all explained in detail in the BOOKLET presented on this site.

The winter 1939/40 became extreme arctic, and it got worst. Also the next two war winters were beating any previous cold record since the Little Ice Age during the early 19th century. Already in 1942 the Swedish G. Liljequist scientist observed (FN.3): “Three consecutive cold winters are scarce. During the period 1757-1942 only three such cases occurred (means temperature of December – March lower than minus 5° C). This is not only well demonstrated in the graph ‘Stockholm’, but breathtaking with regard to the difference to the previous record series 1783-1786, and 1802-1805. Also in the graph of F. B. Groissmeyer (done 1944) (FN.4) the seriousness of the successive three war winters 1939-1942 is highlighted. And all was caused by naval war! What else?

And the polar war winter 1939/40 was only the start of a four decade global cooling, as indicated in the first graph ‘Northern Hemisphere”. There was a pronounced global warming from winter 1918/19 to winter 1939/40, and a substantial global cooling from 1940 until ca. 1980, and neither IPCC, nor Al Gore, nor the other warming cassandras know why. They do not even show interest to understand the matter, but claim they know how climate is going to develop over the next decades. How, if they are not able to explain the most recent climatic events? The BOOKLET and given web-links offer you a rich source of ideas, facts, and evidence on how climate worked during last century.

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