„Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate”? No!

– The Ocean Rules the Climate, and Human Activities can alter the Rules of the Ocean –

Under the editorial guidance of the eminent climatologist S. Fred Singer, a group of about 30 scientists published a paper: „Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate“[1] recently criticizing the IPCC[2]. In conclusion they say: “Our imperfect understanding of the causes and consequences of climate change means the science is far from settled” (p.2), and that their paper “falsifies the principal IPCC conclusion that the reported warming (since 1979) is very likely caused by the human emission of greenhouse gases” (p.28).

By all respect for the work, the paper title is grossly misleading, if not erroneous. They actually review the extreme narrow question of carbon dioxide (CO2), but do not hesitate to make the pompous announcement that „Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate”. If man-made CO2 is not contributing to climatic changes, it would not be a prove that anthropogenic climate forcing does not exist. This site as well as other sites covering the global cooling starting in winter 1939/40 in Northern Europe[3], and the early arctic warming from 1919-1939 (see here), analyze whether “human activities” in oceans and seas could have contributed. Human activities did. But this is not the only flaw.

Of not less concern is the notion that: nature rule the climate. The authors are in so far in full agreement with IPCC scientists. They actually agree with the text of the UN Convention on Climate Change, 1992 (CCC)[4], which defines: “Climate system” means the totality of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and geosphere and their interactions.” All that this boils down to is ‘the interactions of the natural system’. What is the point of a term if it explains nothing, said a letter to NATURE[5] back in 1992 already (here). The matter gets even worse when realizing that the CCC has not defined “climate” at all. Neither Singer et al. nor IPCC seem to care about this situation. More at: what-is-climate.

Presumably science would serve the general public better when they would listen to Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) who said: “Water is the driver of nature”. Not nature rules climate, but water rules the nature on this earth, and the water on earth is so much synonym with the oceans and seas that it can be said: Climate is the continuation of the oceans by other means[6].

As the oceans rule our climate, it is high time to organize a comprehensive ocean observing system, understand the ocean processes and changes to prevent human induced changes, and protect the marine environment from the top to the bottom.


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