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January 2011

During the last 70 years atmospheric science in Europe and America has been reluctant to explain the extraordinary war winter 1939/40, 1940/41, and 1941/42. What surprises that also Russian scientists seem to have done nothing to bring light into this chapter of climatology, although their fathers and grandfathers suffered the most, first during the winter war in Finland 1939/40, and two year later in the Great Patriotic War with Germany. In only few months time, on 22. June, is the 70th anniversary of the German invasion of the Soviet Union. Only few months later …


Merry Christmas and Peace upon Meteorology,
which is unable to understand that naval warfare
made weather in winter 1939/40

Winter War – December 1939

What a shame after 76 years not explained! The New York Times reported from Rovaniemi/Finland on December 25, 1939

December 24th 1939: Report by James Aldridge: “The cold numbs the brain in this Arctic hell, snow sweeps over the darkened wastes, the winds howl and the temperature is 30 degrees below zero (minus 34.4° C). Here the Russians and Finns are battling in blinding snowstorms for possession of ice-covered forests. …I reached the spot just