After many decades of global warming the first eight weeks in 1940 turned the wheel back to the Little Ice Age. Suddenly the The first war winter in 1939 and 1940winter in Europe was the coldest since the early 19th Century. That was man-made, and responsible was Adolf Hitler. After merely four months of war in Europe, with extensive naval war in its regional seas and coastal waters, the weather broke down. Completely unexpected temperatures were permanently seven to ten degrees Celsius below average for weeks. The responsibility was clear, the war-monger who started World War II on 1st September 1939. That was in first place Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler, at least in an objective sense. He never has been accused of this crime, even not on moral grounds, as climatology is not aware of this important link. Naval warfare not only slingshot the winter 1939/40, but also the next two winters back in the Little Ice Age, presumably also contributed significantly to a period of global cooling from 1940 to mid1970s.

All time record for Poland on 11th of January 1940

In Sweden all cold record were beaten in the last 24 hours with 32 below zero

All time cold record in Hamburg, Germany

Is Adolf Hitler’s responsibility in regard of the ‘climate change matters since winter 1939/40’ of any interest? Not necessarily from a criminal point of view, as he could claim, that none of his adviser and meteorologist had any idea of such a link, and none of them raised the issue, neither before WWII nor during the war.

 The anomaly from January 1940

 The New York Times,
February 21, 1940

In Sweden all cold records werer beaten in the last twenty-four hours with 32 below zero, the coldest since 1805.

 The anomaly from February 1940

 But here starts the problem of this historical event. Meteorology failed to warn the war-mongers before WWII commenced neither during the war. Whether that can be excused is a historical question. Quite different the period of time might be seen, which has The weather anomaly during the Naval Warpassed since winter 1939/40. For more than 76 years climatology was able to investigate and explain the various extraordinary meteorological changes, but nothing happened. For several decades climatology rides the carbon-dioxide-issue (CO2), as AGW, without being able and willing to investigate and explain the dramatic weather and climatic changes correlated with, during and after WWII.

Adolf Hitler’s personal guilt concerning the most pronounce climatic shift since the early 19th Century is not the point of concern, but the ignorance and unwillingness to establish in a clear scientific manner the reasons for the winter conditions 1939/40 and thereafter. As science has had seven decades to shed light on WWII impact on climate change matters, which would be evidently a man-made cause, it seems meanwhile a serious competence issue.

After all Adolf Hitler was not only a war-criminal, but should also be identified as the first climate-change criminal. Naming him as a “climate criminal” would help to recognize more clearly that     OCEANS MAKE CLIMATE


More and Credit: ocean-climate-law

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