Does a cold winter loom? Has the wind already changed as in 1939?

1The recent claim by Polish climatologists, that the warm Atlantic Gulf Current is cooling fast, which 2may cause the harshest winter since long[1], became quickly a news story and a topic in the blogosphere[2]. Not everyone agrees. To NASA the current is stronger and warmer for many years, while Alexander Frolov, head of the Russian Meteorological Agency assumes that Russia will have a normal winter, perhaps not as harsh as last year.

Indeed, during the month October 1939 the general wind direction had changed almost entirely. The weather analysis of the German meteorological service wrote[3]:

Hamburg reported winds from the North-Eastern quadrant on almost two thirds of the dates observed (33% easterly winds out of 65%) while North-Eastern winds accounted only for a quarter (26%) of several previous years’ averages. Otherwise most frequent direction of the wind – South-West (24%) – accounted for 9% of all cases. Thus the observations at this station alone show what the weather charts of an extensive area will obviously indicate as well. (More at: )
The current situation (07 Oct.10) does not differ very much from the same time in 1939. Let’s see how things develop, which will be covered here.

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